10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Recurring Passive Income in 2021
10 best affiliate programs to give you a passive recurring income now after literally looking at hundreds maybe even thousands of different products software services out there today

I'm going to share with you 10 that's right 10programs that you can promote that gives you a monthly passive recurring and that's the keyword over here which means that you promote it once and as long as this person continues being a paid member these companies will continue paying you every single month and I'm.

actual case studies and how you can leverage on these platforms to give you a passive income every single month[Music]hey this ping in here and today in this video we're gonna take a look into these10 different software services companies that you could be promoting what if I told you that to generate a true passive income where these companies would pay you every single month you got to make sure number one it actually helps people number two it's.

because they find value in it and they want to continue paying for it every single month so today we are going to dive into some of these different companies these different software services and show you actual numbers and I'll just show you the numbers but how you can actually promote them in order to get passive income every single month number one that we are going to go into click funnels one of my favorites over here I'm going to show you some numbers you can see that this is not.

lot of people that teach theory today but the problem is they never really doit themselves so I'm logging into my click funnels affiliate dashboard and I'm going to show you a couple of numbers okay the first one as you can see here it says MR R now what is m RR m RR stands for monthly recurring revenue and as you can see here it is basically active customers and the amount that is multiplied by the amount that they pay every single month and my cut my.

monthly recurring revenue from this first example is fifty-six thousand dollars now what does this mean it means that next month if I do absolutely nothing clickfunnels is still going to pay me that amount because its recurring so that means that as long as people continue being a user I continue getting paid so clickfunnels what is itit is a software to build sales funnels now the examples that I'm going to be utilizing here today they're all in the online marketing niche now it doesn't.

the online marketing niche in every single niche I'm going to be showing you as well how you can source for these different platforms or software services this first one click funnels isbasically on sales funnels what aresales funnels sales funnels is basically whenever somebody wants to sell anythingonlinethehave a sales process whether its physical products whether it's digital products whether it's collecting emails.

coaching whether it is a gun for you service they need a sales process that brings people from the time you don'tknow who the vendor is to time they actually buy so what if you could help someone build a sales process online by giving them the great content so that they understand and see the importance of having a sales process so that's what I did so you'll notice that a lot of my content I show people how to build a sales process online and then at the end of my content now when I see the content.

ad this could be a blog post this could be via email this could be going on facebook live this could be a youtube video where I would say something along lines up by the way if you like this idea of building a sales process online in the description box below you will notice that there's a link for the program that I just talked about and ifyou would like to have these different templates that I just showed you here today then go ahead and click on this link so can you imagine yourself if you.

content again could be YouTubeinstagrams to be emailed to yourFacebook ad and you educate the people and gave them value and the end of it all they signed up for this software and this pays 40% every single month so as long as this person continues being a member and utilize this software you continue getting paid okay now again I'm gonna walk you through 10 to give you ideas to give you clarity and and see which one resonates most with you lets move on to number two so number two is.

about the active campaign is retention you might want to write that word down so it's no point getting people into some sort of recurring where people just utilize it for one month two months and then they drop out so active campaign is an email automation software company and what they do is to help people with email marketing so whenever somebody collects email from anyone this email is start somewhere now there's a lot of different email companies out there now active campaign the recurring begins at.

as you earn more they will bump you up to 30% now there are a lot of email marketing companies that will begin straight-up at 30% a month but the reason, why I like active campaigns, is because active campaigns retention is extremely high which means the onboarding process is good and the reason why I like these type of software's is that there is a huge pain of disconnect you might want to write that word down as well pain up disconnect.

right if Facebook all of a sudden started charging you a dollar a month and they say hey if you don't pay this dollar month you lose all of your friends all of your pictures all of your posts all of your updates everything do you think you would pay that dollar month probably right I'm guessing why because there's the big pain of disconnect same thing you'll notice that many of these companies that I'm gonna be showing you here today they've got a huge pain of this connection and that's why.

people so why is that a huge pain of disconnect is because when a person starts collecting emails because they are getting ROI they're getting returns on that investment and makes it no longer an expense they will want to continue paying for it every single month email marketing that's number two active campaign next one number three isSEM rush SEM rush is basically a tool for SEO now what is SEO it is basically the process of helping people rank higher on the search engines now to rank.

different tools to kind of understand your keywords to understand what is your strategy and how do you optimize your post your content SEM rushes affiliate program is called bee rush this is a 40%recurring commission so if you are in the space that once to cater and help people rank higher in the search engines rush is actually a great tool by the way so notice that the software's and the programs and the services that I'm asking you think about our software and services that genuinely helps people.

write that word down as well easy sell now it's an easy sell mean it means that good affiliate marketing is not about persuading somebody from a notes it is about thinking who are the people that's out there the chances are they're saying yes anyway that they're gonna sign up for these different things with minimal persuasion so if somebody is into content marketing if they're into SEO there's a good chance they will see the value in the software like this if you're able to create content for.

by the way, if you like videos like this one let me know in the comments below and be sure to like this post because it does help with the algorithm and be sure to subscribe to this channel so that number three my SEM rush which is basically an SEO tool next one number four is basically improved Lee now what improve Lee is you'll see that it says here you earn 50% on first payment and then 10% recurring revenue okay now what's improved Lee so improve Lee it is basically on analytics okay so for.

and do tests increase the conversions improve Lee is a tool that helps them do that and again it's it's 50% and then plus 10% per month so this is a good combination of a bigger payment up front and then 10% per month that's number four number five is the Giants of-commerce called Shopify so right now Shopify is not recurring the reason why Shopify is in this list is because Shopify which is eCommerce so anyone who wants to set up an e-commerce store getting them on Shopify is an easy sell.

saying oh what is a great platform that is user-friendly that doesn't require a person to be a programmer or a coder or tech person to set up a store when I send them over as Shopify and shop if I take care of them but let's move on to number six number six is cube buddy now tube buddy is on YouTube as you can see the name suggests and what it does is it helps people with the optimization of youtube videos whether it is on a certain title the tagging the research the reason why I like this is first of.

prepare to all these other platforms that we talked about here like like click funnels and active campaign SEMrush and Shopify the competition of this is extremely low or relatively lower compared to all those and the reason is because it's it's very niche compared to e-commerce which is such a broad topic and this is a 50% recurring if youwant to help people who are thinking about how i optimize my videos or rank my videos on youtube how do i tag them how do i get more visibility in my.

another software that i use the my team uses all the time and that brings us to number seven number seven is answer base which is a cue and a software tool helps people engage their audiences more effectively answering their questions and basically what answer base is soit's 50 percent upfront and then 15percent recurring but again this is kind of a hybrid of both worlds big payment up front and then recurring if somebody is thinking about like oh if i have an ane-commerce platform and people are.

over and over again about my products that person will probably want software like answer base to help answer they are frequently asked questions to help significantly reduce their support tickets answer base would be a great fit for them and that brings us to number eight number eight is this one right here called longtail Pro now what longtail Pro is it's also in the realm of SEO and basically what this does isit helps people with their keyword research and over here this is also a 30.

like what is affiliate marketing is about thinking about who are these people this dizzy angle what the angleis them signing up for this software under you and being a customer for life in order for them to have that call to action is think of it as the analogy of if you taught them how to fish you would be selling them the fishing rodall these items in here these are all of the it's the fishing but there is no desire to have a fishing rod if they don't know how to fish.

funnel online if there's no desire in the first place because the person doesn't wake up in the morning thinking how do I build a sales funnel line because there's no desire but what if you created content where you show people the benefit of getting leads online and automating and converting these leads into sales through a sales process and how it's applied to real estate agents insurance agents Networkmarketers now that's a whole different topic for another day and if you like me.

position these types of products and the messaging behind it in the setup let me know in the comments below no but that's how you start thinking and developing this muscle to promote any of these types of products number nine is in stato now there's a lot of programs like install- but I put this in here because I wanted a good mix to show you guys how you can be poor so what is this is more towards social media automation now this helps people with ours.

of these types of software's I put instant in here is because it's kind of a good mix for everything else this is one of the software's that is recurring but it's in the realm of like social media particularly Instagram the Commission of the pl is 25% so think about like if it's about Instagram scheduling you can see here once the instill affiliate program to give you a portion when people sign up and how it all works is just like any social media scheduler whenever a person wants to schedule.

they need software to do so alright so again what if you could help people get that specific result by creating content that leads people to that end result and finally that brings us to number 10 and number 10 is a huge platform for online learning called teachable and they pay out a 30%commission so how teachable works they will send you a check every single month and you can earn monthly income again all these affiliate programs they're all.

30% commission whenever a person signs up for a course and as long as they continue being a member you get paid every single month now are there more software and companies like yes but I always think about the criteria what is the criteria does genuinely help people is it a great product is it an easy sell is it easy to get somebody to sign up for these with minimal persuasion if you know that that's the end results yourself then how do I create that.


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