The Benefits of Virtual Fitting for Leather Jackets and Outerwear Retailers
Measurements and styling are important for outerwear. Visualizing before you buy works wonders and enhances the overall shopping experience. What are the benefits of virtual fitting when buying outerwear ?

A holiday, a basic need, a timeless item – purchasing decisions and use cases for outerwear vary, but most often they all share similar challenges for size, fit and look. If customers are not confident when placing their order in your online store, they are likely to abandon the process or possibly end up ordering ill-fitting items, further leading to returns. Confidence is key, but how do you deliver that in an online store? Let’s take a brief look at how virtual fitting comes into play.

Make fit and size work fo you

Different brands, different measurements – How do customers know their fit and size? The majority of online stores provide guidance by describing the model, having complex size charts and general fit suggestions. These methods can guide the user in the right direction, but do they really help them to choose their ideal size?

3D virtual fitting technology, on the other hand, maps items to customers’ unique measurements, allowing them to find their perfect fit with a few basic measurements and body shape selections. 3D, AI and Machine Learning work in the background to determine the level of fit and provide accurate size recommendations to the customer. A 3D virtual fitting room replicates the real-world shopping experience by being sure of the fit and seeing how it looks on your unique body.

Online guides at times advise on ordering 3 sizes of the same item and later select the one that fits, returning the rest. This is an unsustainable habit that contributes to the massive carbon footprint caused by returns from the fashion industry (read more). In addition, outerwear can range anywhere between $80 to $2000 and up per item, making it increasingly difficult to buy multiple items in the first place. These kinds of situations can easily leave the shopper feeling unconfident and not inclined to place an order. Virtual fitting lets customers know their ideal size and visualize in 360 degree views how the item looks on their body, boosting confidence and further increasing conversions and Average Order Value.

Mixing and matching outerwear with other items

Leather jackets come in different styles and choosing your preferred design is usually the first step. Visualizing these styles and how you can pair them with other items is fun and engaging, but also important for determining the overall appearance of certain designs. Proper sleeve length and shoulder width can often make or break the look and impact how the item will be like to wear. Our solution allow shoppers to key in details for a customized fit, which is especially important for such timeless items, such as leather jackets.

Measurements and styling are both important when buying outerwear. Visualizing before you buy works wonders and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Virtual fitting. An essential part of fashion e-commerce for both the shopper and the retailer

One of our outerwear brand partners, Boda Skins, specializes in hand-crafted leather jackets and outerwear for both men and women; worn by celebrities and fashionistas throughout the world. Purchasing a handcrafted leather jacket to use a lifetime makes sizing and fit crucial, but these alone are not sufficient – visualization makes a major difference.’s 3D virtual fitting room on Boda Skins’ online store has improved the customer journey, and is resulting in fewer calls and enquiries on fit and sizing.

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