Online Business Ideas 5 Best Low Cost 2022
Running an online business definitely has its appeal but it's not a get rich quick scheme and it's definitely not about you know just like one simple life-changing trick it's actually a lot of work so in order to give you a leg up and to actually help you get started

 We've come up with some low-cost business ideas and these ideas are um profitable and they're very simple so that you can actually keep your day job while you transition into entrepreneurship.

Flip your thrift store finds okay so had to put this one in first because I think this is just such a fun idea if you are a fashion enthusiast so if you love hitting up thrift stores and you love styling outfits then reselling your finds is just going to be such a fun and creative way to make some side money now with this the margins are huge you can find a radioshack ball cap you know for two bucks and then flip it for 40. your potential customers they want to.

The patience to dig for that you know one amazing find so what you can do is you can take advantage of this by positioning yourself as a trustworthy curator who has an eye for unique and sought after pieces to thrift stores like value village or you can set up a relationship with a company that sells vintage clothing in bulk so when you do go that route you're still going to have to dig through to find those treasures but it's going to be even bigger margins.

They sell super rare vintage items and they have t-shirts that go for upwards of 700 bucks so there's definitely money to be made but key tip q-tip you're gonna have to get really good at product photography because that's how you're gonna convey your product's value so check out good habits right here um they do a good job of that now we actually have an entire video on how to take amazing product photos with just your smartphone so if.

The vintage game then you're definitely going to want to check this video outright up here create handmade goods so whether you make jewelry or whether you make the furniture you can monetize your craft and your skills and you can sell your products online so, for example, you can make beta jewelry you can make crochet clothing both of those things are super in right now and then you can also try your hand at ceramics or digital paintings it's.

Is that you can devote as much or as little time as you want it's really your choice on how big you want to grow so for example use by Pablo makes really cool items out of recycled materials and these are actually made by hand and they take over a month to make and you can just really tell that these are a labor of love when we're talking platforms like how you're actually going to sell definitely use platforms like Etsy but you're also going to want to make sure.

Store and that's just going to give you more control and it's just going to make it easier to track orders so i recommend using Shopify to get started its powerful it's easy to use and it's just really going to simplify running your business so i will leave a link for you guys in the description box below in case you do want to claim your free trial sell social media services brands and influencers depend on social media since it's a big part of theirs.

So whether it's photo retouching video editing copywriting content planning there's so much manpower that goes into social media presence and you can capitalize on it so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to find your strength find where you fit into that puzzle and sell your services as packages build up your client base so that you're only working on projects that you love and that you have fun doing and then you can even put clients on retainer so that.

So for example i just did a quick Instagram search using the term social media expert and ben Levitt came up and this is just an example but you can see that this landing page has options to book one-on-ones and other services so you can use this as an example of how you can start getting clients booked and ready to start a consultation business whether you're a therapist or a vocal coach you can sell your consulting services online.

People reach their specific goals integrate a calendar onto your website and allow customers to book time slots for zoom sessions and you can 100 do this as you work your day job you're just going to want to slot your clients into evenings and weekends now i love this kind of business because you can set your own prices and since you're only exchanging time for money you don't actually have any real overhead so after marketing, and website costs 100 of that money that you.

Minus the taxes of course now i found this interior design service called dearest or decors not sure how you pronounce that but i thought this was super cool because customers can get paired up with an expert and choose from different packages to refresh their homes love this concept and i think they do a really good job of packaging that consultation service and giving different options for different price ranges.

Okay so with consultation services weare exchanging time for money and as we know we have a limited amount of time we have 24 hours in the days what that means is the amount of money that we can make is going to be definite but if you are the type that wants to scale up and you want to grow your business to be massive then exchanging time for money probably won't be the answer for you so in that case you're going to want to look into selling digital goods.

Only spend the time to make that digital good once and then that can be sold an infinite amount of times so choose a niche and then you're going to want to play with it so are you in the food industry then you can sell a cookbook are you into music then you can sell the rights to your works, for example, Maddie Matheson he is a Canadian chef he has an audiobook and this audiobook is a cookbook where shares heartwarming stories so that.

Alongside the author and i just think this is genius and really interesting spin on how to make a digital good different if you want even more inspiration to get started we actually have compiled a list of over a hundred in demand business ideas and they're broken down into categories like fitness apparel gaming click here to download the big list of business ideas for free once you have your idea set up whether you're selling jewelry or.

Through a standard set of steps when it comes to getting started so here is a simple checklist to help you get off the ground running so first things first is you're going to want to validate your idea so this might sound harsh but it's true that just because you think you have this amazing idea it doesn't mean that there's going to be a market for it so before investing your time and your energy into starting your business you're going to want to research how feasible it is and whether.

Interests you can hire an agency to conduct market research for you but if you are Ballin on a shoestring budget then you're definitely going to want to do a more of a DIY approach and we actually have an entire video that going to teach you how to find and validate winning products um i will leave that link for you guys right here so that you can click to learn more and watch that after you're done watching.

Create your product so you validated your idea now it's time to turn it into reality so whether you're selling a product or whether you're selling a service you actually need to go ahead and create it so find a manufacturer to bring your product to life or create packages of your service offerings that you would be selling online now however you bring your product into this world just keep in mind just remember that it does not have to be perfect at this stage.

Done done is better than perfect and you're going to have every opportunity in the world to make your products better as you go so just go easy on yourself at this stage and enjoy the process next you're going to want to get your business finances in order so open up a separate bank account so that you can keep your personal and your business expenses separate and it's just going to make things a lot easier come tax time make sure that you are also.

Business and then as your business finances get more complicated as you start to grow consider hiring a professional accountant or a tax professional both of those things could be options for you in the long runs next up you're going to want to create your website so if you want to tostart an online business you're going to need to have a website and if you want to make money online you're going to need to accept online.

E-commerce software for a reason but of course you're going to want to make sure that you're choosing the platform that makes sense for you and your business once you're happy with the platform that you choose you can make your website yourself you definitely donated to hire a developer unless you want to and then after all that you're going to want to market your business just because you exist it doesn't mean that people are gonna know about you.

Out the hard way back in the day I launched a blog and I did the launch and I heard crickets and I just assumed that people would come flock but the truth is that you need to continually market your business so whether that is influencer partnerships or Facebook ads whatever it is marketing is going to be an ongoing process for you and it can be a super fun and rewarding challenges shameless plug here.

If you want to learn how to market it successfully then you're definitely going to want to subscribe to this channel because we are constantly dropping new content on how to grow a successful online business and how to market yourself quick words of wisdom you all seem to really like this in a previous video so we're doing it against what i want to say is that starting a business especially if it is your first time around it can be very overwhelming.

If things aren't going according to plan no one cares about your success as much as you do and what i mean by this is if you fail the world still continues and i think well picture people like booming in the stands if we strike out but, in reality, people are so wrapped up in their own lives that no one really cares and this is kind of a harsh truth but it's also a liberating one because it allows us to.

Another hand if you do succeed then the payoff is going to be immense you can find financial freedom you can find lifelong friends you can adopt a new lifestyle that you've always wanted to give it your all don't be afraid of failure and of course have fun we only get one life so make sure that it is one that is full of joy and that you're spending your time doing the things that you actually love to do and i think starting your business can.

All that being said if you still aren't sure what to sell and you actually need help finding a product still then make sure that you're checking out our free 40-minute webinar that's going to teach you how to find winning product ideas how to validate those ideas and how to get started just click this link right over here and that's going to help you get started with this free training now all right itis comment time so let's go through some of your comments and i will answer a few.

I just want to say I'm going to try my very best to pronounce all of your names correctly but if I have mispronounced me know in the comments section and yeah let me know what the actual pronunciation is but anyways here we have kaiser abbas and he is askingif we would recommend any more sites ortools that we could use to check outproducts so i love this question becausehe is talking about another businessidea that i did not mention on this listso that would be drop shipping you can.

Looking to get started on sourcing your products and started into the dropshipping gamethen here are a couple of sites that youcan check out so check out alibabacheck out oberlocj drop shipping and supply me directthese are all directories where youcould potentially find reliable dropshipping partners okay next commentchristian moreno saysare you at the top of the spotifybillboards because you might be the.

Of the winnerlove the creativity and love justputting yourself on blast in thecomments and then next comment is fromdata so data saysthank you so muchfor posting this video for freebesides teaching you motivated as welland i think that's always the goal withthese videos we want to make sure thatyou feel empowered and that you alsohave the tools to succeed half thebattle of being a business owner is that.

Sure that you are well equipped with those positive mindset with that empowered way of thinking and also equipped with the education that it takes to build a business so that is it for today's video guys i hope that this was helpful um if you have a very specific question make sure that you are leaving it in the comments section so that we can get back to you in a future video perhaps and also if you've got something funny up your sleeve leave me a comment.

A funny comment that's always fun but if you are looking for more simple and actionable tips to grow your online business make sure that you are subscribed to learn with Shopify and this channel right here because we are constantly releasing new videos we are releasing a new video every week and that's going to help you start run and grow your successful online business to make sure that you're subscribed hit that notification bell and i will see you in the next one I'm your host.



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