What Is Copywriting? How Do You Get Into It?
You want to know what exactly is copywriting and how do you get into it just like you at a time I had no idea what copywriting was

 I thought it has to deal with intellectual property like Patent andTrademark and all these things I thought the word was copyright right That means that you have the exclusive right to distribute or sell someone else's work it could be a book it could be like music on an image or things like that right so in my early years I was.

Most people I had no idea what I needed to do and I try a lot of different things I try to stop this business and that business but none of them really worked and fortunately, after a few years of struggle I was able to find my first mentor Alan and Alan was kind enough and were willing to take me under his wings and I remember he said this to me said then I'm about to teach you a skill they would transform your financial life forever it is a skill that very few people in the world.

A skill that once you master it you will never have to worry about money again you have the power to generate income on demand or to launch or start or grow any business that you desire and I was so excited and I said well what is this skill and he said it is the skill of copywriting I I said what is copywriting don't understand he said copywriting it is the ability to use the written words to persuade someone to take an action now that could be to respond to a message that you.

Product it could be to click here or buy this or take this sort of action and at first I didn't quite understand the power of it so when I was working for him basically as an apprentice I remember that we would send out these direct mail letters to offer products and services and programs to people right with the right list and we would send it out and now these are people that we have never met and we've never talked to and we would send them these letters in direct mail back in the.

Them solve a problem and we'll send out thousands and thousands of this letters and then a percentage of them would send back the letter or sometimes with an order form they were calling the office or they were replying and send us back a check or money order I was stunned I was amazed like these are the people that I will never talk to them we'll never met them and yet they're there buying something from us some that point and I was hooked right now I'm like this is so powerful.

For today of copywriting now after all these years and I think I'll we find the definition of copywriting which I'm going to share that with you in just a second and I think once you're here you'll be so excited and you'll love it will make you tingle here we copywriting is closing in print that right closing in print it is the ability to persuade influence and engage that what cooperating is it's not about writing it is about closing because if it is about writing that's definitely.

Flunked English when I was in high school so copywriting has a lot to do with closing and selling and has very little to do with writing because if it has a lot to do with writing I will not have been able to do it because I flunk English twice when I was in high school so it's about that and if he has a lot to do with writing or academic writing then all the professors all the teachers all the English teachers they would be successful copywriters that's not the.

Was blown away he asked me dan do you know that copywriters amount some of the highest-paid people in the world and yet most people don't even know this profession exists and I said huh he said that's the problem you don't even know you don't it he said to look around you everywhere look around you and I was puzzled because I was young and I even look everywhere it's every single letter that you get in the mail every TVthat you watch write every single.

Because a copywriter came out with the concept came up with the brand wrote the message and that's what persuades you to buy everything around you the movie that you watch the script the storytelling donation letter that's asking you to donate money every single thing in your life everywhere it's copy do you see copy is everywhere it is a multitrillion-dollar industry and yet no one knows that this profession exists everyone goes to school and they say they want to be an accountant I want to.

To be an engineer no one knows that this profession exists do you understand dad how powerful this and I was just stunned blown away when he said that to meet me give you an example let's say that there's a company there selling a product online and they have a landing page now in case you don't know what landing page is a page that makes an offer to sell the products let's say they're doing a hundred thousand dollars a year in revenue with that particular.

Page is converting at one percent meaning that for every 100 visitors that go to their page one person would buy it's a 1 percent conversion and let's say it's a copywriter you're able to look at the page and you make some tweaks you change the headline you change the offer you change the guarantee maybe the call-to-action you tweak the page a bit and now instead of converting at 1 percent, this page is converting now at 2 percent now I want you to think about comment below what.

A copywriter's what you've done you've just doubled the revenue for the company from $100,000 to $200,000without adding an extra dollar for marketing are they spending more money do they need more people seeing the page no are you adding more things today to the product that it costs more features no all you have done is changing a few words or how the offeror the message is being communicated to the marketplace do you see the power of this.

The next question you might have is what Dan this is amazing how do I become a copywriter you see maybe you want to become a copywriter because you know that how much income you could generate as a copywriter if you're good that you have the ability to work from home or work from anywhere that you want that you could work when you want with whom you want from anywhere that you want maybe you know because as a copywriter doesn't require you to have a degree nor to have a lot of capital to start.

Now with copywriting is something that you need to have someone who knows what they're doing to transfer that skill to you it is very very difficult to just watch a video and say oh I'm gonna learncooperatingI always describe cooperating it's a little bit like martial art right you could watch the video you can have an idea who you watch on YouTube video and say hey this is how you do certain moves but how do you actually learn martial art you got to go to a school you got to go.

Instructor and sensei to show you their techniques and then you will practice the techniques and you see if it would give you feedback and help you correct the form and eventually you'll be able to perform the same move the same way right that's how it works in martial arts believe learning copywriting becoming a copywriter it's very much the same way if becoming a copywriter is something that you are considering I could save you at least five to ten years of learning curve click on the link below.

My on-demand training there's no cost to you consider this is an introduction to what exactly is cooperating and what copywriters actually do and eventually how do you become one yourself if you decide this is the path for you so go ahead and click on a link right now


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