Come on out with your online trainer Lucerna RAID is my seven-minute belly fat workout. And in this workout, I'm going to be telling you safe ways on how to lose belly fat. So I've got some news for you 60 seconds each move, and it is a seven-day challenge. And this is all about losing what we refer to as active fat.

So for the first move, Extend both arms above your head and draw one knee up, and just alternate from one knee to the other. We're gonna do this for a duration of 60 seconds, keep your back nice and straight Tommy muscles put in. So what this is doing, we are doing what I call cardio standing up, so I'm increasing your calorie burn. But we're still sculpting and working through those core muscles. And what I want to do is I want to be reducing any visceral fat, also known as active fat. Now, this is the abdominal belly fat that sits in our abdominal cavity and it can be stored around internal organs. This way, it's really important for health that we reduce any excess of belly fat. Alright, so just keep going give me another 25 seconds from now.

Now I've created this chart that you can see here, and it has other information on how to reduce belly fat the healthy way this you can get in the description in the link below, you can just click on that right, let's go for the next 10 seconds. So we've just got seven moves today, no repeaters all standing up, this workout is gonna fly by, and let's go last three, take it two, and one. Okay, so for move number two come into a split stance, take one leg behind. And now just imagine you're about to sprint. So you draw that knee up, and then you take it back.

So we're gonna do 30 seconds, one side, then 30 on the other. Alright, so let's just keep going. So this one is really great as well for your cardio, but we're also getting that calorie burn up. So we're just driving that up supporting these stay slightly bent. That's good. And this is so more effective than doing planks and sit-up standing abs are the best ways to really help reduce belly fat. All right, let's just keep that going. That's good. Then when we get halfway, we're just going to change and take that to the opposite leg. So we're driving that knee up, Tommy stays tight.

That's good. And let's go to and one just changes take the opposite leg behind for me. And now get ready, drive that up. That's good. So I'm just showing you from the side, keep that going. Well done. And this challenge, I want you to do this for just seven minutes and just do it for the next seven days. The other thing that I love about this challenge, it's going to help with your heart health, your mental health, it's going to get you in great shape. And what I would say is, if you can do it in the morning, that way, you've then got it done. All right, let's go last three, let's take it to, and one. Alright, so for move number three, this time, take your arms up. And now you're going to take one leg behind. So you're just stepping that foot behind. And imagine you're pulling down a big sheet of I don't know wallpaper on here really use control with those arms.

And what I'm specifically doing here is this is incredible for really shaping that waist. So we're really working on your internal and external obliques. And because we're adding in the arm movement, I'm going to increase your calorie bands, we're just burning off more calories, which is just going to help overall reduce excess body fat. That's good. Let's just keep that going. Well done. And here, we're really than working into those abdominals. Nice control, keep that going. So you've got less than 30 seconds. So today's workout is gonna fly by. And of course, the benefit for this is we're also working on your joint health, your bone health, your mental health, your heart health. All right, that's good. We've now got those last 15 seconds from now. So just keep that going.

And get ready for those last 10 seconds. And remember, if you're wanting to reduce the excess of belly fat, that active belly fat, it's all about healthy eating portion size as well. Alright, so for move number four, this time, now what I want you to do is you're going to just punch your arms in front, and then we're going to go for straight leg kicks, we're going to alternate for a beach. So give me four power punches. And then four straight leg kicks and just keep alternating for a duration of 60 seconds. So when you're doing those punches, really make sure that you keep your knees slightly bent. And also, when you're doing these punches really important that you keep those hips still.

Because what happens then is it really works into those oblique muscles. So those side waist muscles. All right, that's good. Just keep that going alternating from one to the other. And then we're straight on to move five. So this workout is going to fly by and remember if you can do it for seven days because it is consistency that gets us those results. And these exercises are all safe and they do so much more than just work the ABS they are burning calories, increasing your energy levels. All right, that's good. Let's get ready now for those last 15

Seconds on move for adding those power punches than those straight leg kicks, keep those abdominal muscles nice and tight. And let's just get ready for the last five, take it for go three, two, and one. Okay, so for move number five, this time, now, we're just going to take two knee crunches from one side to the other. So we're just going to keep alternating during this for a duration of 60 seconds. So so many people think if they want to work their abs,

They need to come down onto the floor, to do the plank and crunches. And actually, doing this sort of exercise is perfect, because what we're doing, we're using your arms and legs as levers. And what this does is it just means your core, your abdominal muscles are having to work harder. They're, they're working a bit like an anchor. Alright, so they're holding you in place. This is why standing ABS is so effective. All right, that's good. Let's just keep that going. And we work for so many more muscle groups, these are all about working multi-compound moves. That's why I can get you amazing results in just seven minutes a day. All right, keep that going. That's good, nice control.

So it's double knee and alternate from one side to the other. And then we've nearly finished, we just got two moves left after this. So let's just keep going. I'll count you down from those last five. So let's get ready and take it 543 And two, and one. All right, well done. So for move number six, this time, now what we're going to do is you're going to swing your arms from one side to the other, and then toe tap. So you're taking that toe in front. So what we're doing here is this is now again of really working specifically the internal and external obliques. So they're those side waist muscles and really point that foot slightly over the line of the other one, take those arms up and over. So this again here's where we're really working through that mid-section. And this will also get your heart rate up, it will work on your bone health, your joint health, your mental health, your heart health, absolutely everything. All right, you got 30 seconds left to go.

It's good, has nice control, and works through that fullest range of motion. And just think about you're working. So your abdominals are the powerhouse here with this move. So even though we're using the arms and the legs, the control is coming from your transverse abdominus. That's your deepest abdominal core muscle. All right, that's good. And it just keeps going. Well done. So it's that muscle that's holding you in place. So it's working what we call stabilization, and two, and one. So for move number seven, this time, now, you're going to come with your feet nice and wide, knees slightly bent, and we're going to go from one side to the other. So you just go one side, and then what we're going to do now take your arms in front and just imagine you're doing a high five, either side for four, then take it back to the sensor reach down, and side, and then four on each move, and then coming back. So what I've done today is I'm pretty much going straight from one move to the other, I'm giving you very little rest time that this is where we're going to get results. And because you're going to be doing this for the next seven days, these moves have become really familiar. So you're very quickly able to go from one transition one move to the other. All right, that's good. So we're nearly done. Let's just keep going on there. Take it back now to those high fives, one, and then give me four more of those side reaches. That's good. We've just got 15 seconds left of training today. So definitely let me know on social media how you're getting on and why not set up a WhatsApp group with some of your friends, get them to do or even set up a Facebook group during this challenge, and guess what you are done.

Here's your high five, but well done for doing that. What I want you to do now is just march on the spot for me for about 30 seconds. Let's get your heart rate back down and engineer to do this. For the next seven days. When you come back and do it tomorrow. You don't have to have my voice you could put on your favorite song. That might be really nice spacing, but whatever you do, definitely do this in the next seven days. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up if you're not already hit subscribe. And then what I want you to do now at the end of the video is come and do a little cool down stretch with me now


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