How to Make Money Online CHATTING To Others_ $400 a Week
Hey guys, in today's video, I want to share with you how you can earn over $400 A week by simply chatting to others online. Do you speak English fluently? If so, that's great because it means that the service that I'm about to share with you can pay you $10.20 per hour or with a slight twist, you might also be able to get paid $12 per hour of your time.

And that is simply to sit like this in front of a computer and to have conversations with others over the internet online. And this service is Cambly. With Cambly, you can become an online English tutor. And you don't even need to have any teaching degree or any teaching experience. As you can see, the Kembla website says you can tutor with Cambly and get paid to chat with people from around the world. It is very simple and easy. If you guys want to get started right now just click the link in the description below to go over to the Cambly website and get started.

But in this video, I'm going to show you some tips and tricks to maximize your earnings as well as to help you successfully get accepted to tutor English with Cambly. First of all, just want to reiterate once again that with Cambly, you actually don't need a teaching certificate, you do not need a bachelor's degree, and you do not need any prior teaching experience to get accepted into Cambly. You really only have two requirements. And the first one is that you need to have a strong fast internet connection.

And the second requirement is that you need to be a native or fluent English speaker. So if you're born, or if you reside in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, et cetera, other countries that where English is the native language, then you're eligible to apply to be a tutor on Cambly. Also, if you live in another country, for example, if you live in India, in Bangladesh, or in Germany, or in Russia, but you have a completely fluent command of the English language, and you speak with perfect grammar, then you're also eligible to apply you don't actually need to reside in the English speaking countries, you can leave outside of those English speaking countries, you can still apply and if your English is good, you are eligible to be a tutor on Cambly. Just a little bit about how Cambly operates. Cambly is a global company, they're a leader in providing people who need help with studying English, anyone who wants to learn English can go to And they can get practice in speaking English to the tutors. And the people who need this help are located in all the different countries throughout the world.

So for example, if you are in Russia, you can go on to And you can find an English tutor. So it's someone with whom you can practice English as you're learning English. Alright, so you can see English immersion from anywhere building English proficiency and confidence to real conversations with friendly tutors from the US, UK, Australia, and more. Okay, so Cambly caters to these people who want to learn English. And you can become one of these tutors who are talking to these people. So there are two sides to Cambly you know that there are people who are clients who want to learn English using Cambly services and the right tutors. So where you come in where you can make money is by becoming a tutor with Cambly. And that means that you will be helping those people who want to learn English, you will be helping them by chatting to them in English, you don't need to do anything complicated, there is no actual preparation that's required, you're not going to be teaching them, you're just going to be having a conversation with them like this online over the Cambly app and helping them get to practice so that they can build their speaking skills and build up their English conversation skills. With Cambly.

You can work your own hours, which is really cool. If you want to work one hour a week you can if you want to work 40 hours a week, you absolutely can do that as well. When you click the link in the description below to sign up to be a tutor on Cambly you'll land on a page that looks like this. You can click this button to get started to commence your application process. We're going to walk through that in just a moment. But I just want to mention a couple of things here. So Cambly pays its tutors weekly. The pay is $10.20 per hour. If you work let's say 58 minutes or 70 minutes you actually get paid per minute so you know if you work a little bit less or a little bit more Cambly will compensate you for that

as well. There is also something called Cambly kids on Cambly kids you get paid a little bit higher. There is a separate application process for And you can become a tutor for both normal Cambly service and Cambly kids with Cambly kids, the pay is a little bit higher, it's 20 cents per minute or $12 per hour. So you can just focus on Cambly kids if you would like to work with children to help children learn English and if you would like to make a higher hourly rate.

So to get started, go ahead and click the link in the description below, you'll land on a page that's similar to this, and then click the Get Started option in order to commence to sign up after you enter your email address and password, you'll be presented with a screen like this where you can choose which platform you'd like to sign up for the normal Cambly platform or the Cambly kids' platform, we're going to cover the differences between the two of them in just a moment. So first of all, let's go through the normal Cambly platform that bases $10.20 per hour. So after you select this option, you will be asked to complete a few application steps and it's very important that you get them right in order to maximize your chances or being accepted and approved to become a tutor on Cambly. On this screen select let's get started at the bottom, you will need to create your tutor profile. So first of all, you will be asked to upload your profile picture and add your display name and location. So your basic information like this, click here. Type in your display name. So for me, I might type in Greg Kononenko from I might say Sydney, Australia date of birth, it won't actually be displayed to students. This is just to know your age. So you can go ahead and add your date of birth as well for basic information. And the next thing and this is a very,

Very important one is that you will need to record your video introduction video introduction is a very important part of your profile as well as of your application. This will be played to any prospective students who are potentially considering whether they would like to select you as their tutor or not. So make sure that you do this one correctly, and take your time with it. There is a link at the bottom, which is super helpful. It says links to link to best practices. And if you click that link, it will actually explain to you exactly how to record this introduction video, it needs to be about a one to three-minute introduction video. So not too short and not too long. You should really comply with the recommended dress code which is you know, try to dress as if you were going to a work meeting or perhaps sort of a smart casual attire, where you would dress up you know, to go and meet someone outside video quality needs to be good, the lighting needs to be good, the video needs to be good. Ideally, you should have some kind of a microphone that is not too noisy and that delivers a good quality of sound. Ideally, you should show off your personality and speak clearly smiling, and sort of just being presentable and being likable on camera. Because don't forget, this is going to be the first thing that potential students will see about you. So you really should put in the effort into making sure that your introduction video looks as good as possible.

When you scroll down further below, there is actually an example of a profile video. So you can there is nothing complicated, so don't get too worried about it. But it does need to be clear. And there is an example of a good introduction video so you can model your introduction video on your profile application. After this video over here. After recording and uploading your video, you will be asked a few supplementary questions where you will be asked to fill out certain fields, for example, to write about your teaching style, to write a little bit about you to write about your work experience, and education and what languages you speak. So all of these will be displayed on your profile to any students that are potentially considering selecting you as the tutor on Cambly. After answering also some supplemental questions on the stub over here, you will be the last thing you will be asked to do is to do a connection test. So this is the test to make sure that your internet connection is strong enough and fast enough to be able to have a conversation with your students in real-time.

There are all the instructions over here, all you really need to do is to just stop this test and it will take you through all the steps. It's simple and easy. I think most places around the world these days have a decent enough internet to be able to become a tutor on Cambly and make money with Cambly. And I just quickly wanted to show you the profile with which I got approved on Cambly. So this is my profile here. You can see this as my video introduction over here and a little bit about me what I have written about. So absolutely nothing complicated. Now, once you have filled all of this out, you should hear back from Cambly in regards to your approval within a few days. One little tip if you want to speed up your application approval process, make sure that within the application you put down that you've been referred from a caffeinated bloggers your YouTube channel. So just put that down. And that should explain expedite your application a little bit. Once you're accepted, then from the Kembla dashboard, you are able to manage your reservations and priority hours. So first of all, let's talk about reservations within the reservation screen, you are showing what your availability is. So for example, today is Thursday, November the fourth. And I may want to make myself available to be booked as a tutor, let's say for Friday and Saturdays. So I would just click the Edit button over here, and then I can create availability. So I can say that I want to work from nine until I can just click and drag so from nine until, let's say 5 pm On Friday, and then the same from nine until 5 pm. On Saturday, okay, what this will do is it will now create this as available blocks. And any students that want to get a tutor between 9 am and 5 pm, my local time, I will be shown as an available tutor to them and I might start getting bookings are all the bookings will come through, and you will need to accept them before they confirm. But this is how you set up your availability. The other thing that you can do is you can go into Priority hours. And you can say that you're going to be on priority hours between, let's say between 12 pm and 1 pm. So just like this, if you choose that, that means that this is going to be your priority, our what is the priority, our priority, our just basically means that you commit to Cambly to be online on-call live and be waiting for a call to come through.

Because sometimes what happens is that a student wants to talk to someone right now let's say they call up at 12 o'clock, and they want to talk to someone right now. Well, if that call comes through at 12 pm, and you have made yourself to be on a priority hour and you are online, that call will just drop straight through to you. And you will be able to start chatting to this person right away and you will be getting paid basically immediately right away as well. So it's a great way to start getting students to make themselves available for these priority hours. Now the cool thing about priority hours is to take a look at this, you commit to being available on Cambly for the full hour and answer all incoming calls. They're saying they will feature you to new students. So Cambly will actually promote your tutor profile, they will feature you to new students, and they will also pay for at least 15 minutes of chat time. Even if you don't get any calls, you will still get by for at least 15 minutes of your time. How cool is it that they will promote you and they will pay you for at least 15 minutes, even if you don't get any calls? But of course, because priority hours genuinely get a lot of attention from students, there is a very high chance that you're going to start getting calls and start getting clients or those students straightaway. The second thing that you can do with Cambly is you can also sign up to be on Cambly kids, you can be a tutor with Cambly kids. So this is going to be tutoring people who are 15 years of age or younger. And the signup process is similar, you will just need to go through a similar process. So it will take about 15 minutes to sign up. So let's get started. So you will need to again, add your basic information grid students with a video introduction and then fill out all of these fields that were similar to the adult application. The major kind of difference here is that there is an extra step in the application process. And it's called Demo lessons. So for the demo lesson, you will need to show off your ability to engage kids, specifical kids in English lessons with a three to five-minute demo highlighting your teaching style.

So there are going to be provided sample lesson slides. So here is a lesson slide, you can open that up and you can take a look at that sample lesson slide. And you will need to target your demo towards a seven to an eight-year-old student with basic English knowledge. So you will need to make sure that use plenty of TPR to help our parents understand how their child can learn without translations. There is also an example over here that you can go through and take a good look at exactly what that might be like so that you can structure your lesson the same TPR stands for Total physical response. It's just about kind of copying your ear like this or pointing to your mouth when you are when you're talking. So these are just like little tips on how to better engage kids, especially in the online environment. So once you have submitted this demo lesson, you can again do the connection test and submit it,  and again, your application will take a few days to get approved. Make sure that you mentioned that you've been referred from Greg Kononenko, a caffeinated blogger channel in order to speed up your approval response times. Cambly can be an awesome way to make an income online whether your goal is to earn an extra $10 A week or 40 $100 a week Cambly can do that for you so click the link in the description below to start your Cambly tutor application process and I wish you all the very best with it