7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online
Seven little ways to make money online I think when it comes to making money online most people make it so complicated right and make it there's so many steps and so many business models and so many even strategies and different tactics today

I'm going to give you some clarity so 7 legit ways to make money online way number one and that is e-commerce eCommerce I'm referring to selling let's say on Amazon Shopifyright you're selling a physical.

Get it from Alibaba even when you're selling products on eBay right that like e-commerce business model it's one of the most profitable business models online however it also is the one that requires you the most amount of capital and experience now you're dealing with customer service right you're building a team you're fulfilling the product you are dealing with the image the photo your driving traffic maybe through the search engine right you're doing pay traffic you are trying to treat yours.

Sales right and then maybe you do something fairly a deal but your margins are usually not very very high because you're selling a physical product a b2cmodel business to the consumer so what it means that you just sell a lot of volume in order to make any significant amount of money right second legit way to make money online and that is dropshipping now what if you don't have a product to sell what if you don't have a lot of money a lot of capital to get started then what do you do while drop shipping.

People making these are amount of money with this model now with this model you're basically working with a wholesaler or a distributor where they have all the products and they would do the fulfillment what do you do you're actually acting as a like a marketer right you're driving the traffic through social media email marketing your website you can set up like a virtual storefront where you take the order and then you send the order to a wholesaler or a distributor they would ship it for.

Typically they would charge you money and sometimes they charge you kind of like a handling fee could be a $2 $3five dollars and that's how you make money now your margin is very thin because you're selling one item at a time you have to be very careful knowing how much you could spend to acquire each customer to drive traffic how much you can spend to acquire each visit to your website so your metrics you have to know very very well because this thing you could spend a whole bunch of money and.

One that's taking the risk right the whole seller the distributor there's no risk right they only fulfill a product when you make a sell so as a marketer aS drop shipping business model you're the one that's doing all the marketing you have to front end a lot of marketing costs and you only get paid after you make a sale the third legit ways to make money online and that is affiliate marketing I love the affiliate marketing model that's actually how I made my first fortune on the internet my first.

About the affiliate marketing model you're acting as a middle person right doesn't require you to have your own product you can choose a handful of good products that you believe in and you don't have to deal with the inventory you don't have to deal with the fulfillment all you need to focus on is being a good middle person to sell these products online and you can test different traffic sources and you can pay traffic or free traffic dry them to the affiliate offer for and from there.

Track the performance and then you'll be able to get a commission check every single month even after all these years until this day for the work that I did two three five-eight years ago it's an affiliate marketer I'm still getting paid right it still provides a nice stream of income points for the work that I did so many years ago so I love the affiliate marketing model but that's one catch in order to be a good affiliate marketer guess what you have to be a good marketer you have to know.

Online type marketing right you have to know what is it that you are working on it is not an easy thing but it is easier than other types of ways to make money online oh I got a message here awesome that's a hydrated legit way to make money number four and that is SAS or software business now software business is a huge business online it is a model that it's absolutely scalable if you know what you're doing and you can see companies making millions of dollar tens.

Millions of dollars I'm talking about like Infusionsoft it could be an active campaign it could go to a meeting right it could be even hosting tracking software that solves a problem in the marketplace now this model why is it so powerful is because it doesn't matter if you sell that piece of software to one customer or 10,000 customers it is the same product that gets replicated then many many many users can use at the same time and that's why such a powerful.

Technology now you can high developers you can hire programmers to develop that software for your problem is software not done right you could burn hundreds of thousands of dollars millions of dollars before getting a return but if you know what you're doing software on the Internet absolutely one of the most powerful ways to make millions of dollars online number five Google Adsense now Google essence is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on.

And you get paid when visitors click on them the ads are generated from businesses that use the Google AdWords account now with Google you need to have a lot of traffic maybe you can create some kind of block maybe it's through your youtube channel but you need a lot of visitors to make any significant amount of money now the good thing it is free to join right isn't to call generating you join but the downside is you need to create a lot of content in order to create a decent amount of income or to maintain a good.

To make a ton of money with Google accent at his heyday he was making over a million dollars a year with just a cents and now guess how much his blogs make him less than thirty thousand dollars a year so it's one way to make money but it's not as good as it used to be a legit way to make money online number six and that is what I call the expert business now we're talking about packaging your expertise your skills your knowledge your passion into some kind of a product I'm talking about online courses I'm.

Talking about services that you could provide maybe you are a digital marketer you are running a social media agency you are doing any types of programs that enhance people's business and hence those lives that's what I call the expert business number seven the last legit way to make money online and that is through YouTube now with YouTube you think about YouTube could put everything together for you let's say you have an ane-commerce business you could create demonstration videos and upload them to.

drive all that traffic back to your e-commerce site you can do also tutorials teaching people how to use your products on YouTube as well or if you're in a dropshipping business it is the same thing you can have various keywords different types of videos on youtube that people are searching for right now and they watch the video they like the product and then click on a link and they could go to your website your virtual storefront and buy from you and then when you get an order.

They can fulfill the order for you as well and remember we also talked about the affiliate marketing business now because the affiliate marketing business is so competitive it's not just you as an affiliate promoting that particular offer that particular product one of the ways you can make yourself stand out instead of just driving traffic to their offer directly in between you can drive them to your email list right where you are educating informing your potential.

Through content building their trust and then once they want to learn more about it they click on the link and then they could buy your affiliate offer as well as sense you can combine that obviously with YouTube because Google owns YouTubeYouTube is using the Google Adsense platform the expert business software if you want to reach a mass-market very very quickly you can easily run ads onYouTube and giving away maybe a free trial the freemium model for your software and from YouTube, they could see.

Of people just like that and from there you can get a lot of users even you want to test out the product you want to see how if you like the software that's one way to do that and that's why I think youtube if you have a strong YouTubechannel you can combine all these ways of making money into this one thing if you have a strong YouTube channel you will enhance any of these revenue streams that you have right now if you want to know how I've grown my youtube channel from zero to over a million.


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