About Us

BuFeez Make it easier for you to share your videos, thoughts, news, and much more. We are offering a free account registration and your thoughts sharing facility. You can share your videos, news lists your contents, and can create polls for discussions.

BuFeez offers the facility to people to promote their products, services, and skills for free. So if you are new and cannot get much praise or results from other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc., then BuFeez is the best platform for choosing where you can easily get your targets.

Our Services


Currently, we are offering the following facilities to our registered users.

  • News

  • Videos

  • Lists

  • Polls




Our registered users can share news on their account that will share publically. Everyone who visits our platform will see your shared news. BuFeez shares news of each region, every member with BuFeez is our news reporter, and we respect their news. But if you want to specify and restrict sharing your news to specific people, you also have options to set for sharing.  

You can share your region's important news with the rest of the world. You have the option to promote your business and products news with people freely.



Video sharing is the essence of modern days; people share videos of their special moments or other favorite videos. You can share your videos from your account on our platform that will allow everyone to watch and give impressions on your video.

You can promote your business and products and get recommendations from other people by showing them your videos. 



Lists Menu is available for users who want to share their content, thoughts, and writings with other people. They can post their contents from their registered account and can share them with visitors on our website. You can almost share and lists all niche-related content on your account with no restrictions for you.



Polls option is available for those people who want to collect others views and comments about some specific questions. You can post your question for discussion from your account and collect valuable information from others free of cost.

Why BuFeez?


  • BuFeez offer all solutions on one platform

  • You can share videos, content, news and can collect information in POLLS

  • Your information is secure

  • We offer 24/7 customer support

  • Registration and sharing services are free of cost

  • Account creation and information sharing is simple

  • Offer free opportunity to promote your products and business by sharing news, videos and listing your contents

  • Offer free facility to registered users to collect valuable information from POLLS

  • No Boundaries restriction anyone from any region of the world can join and share