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The chest is one of the biggest muscles in our body. It comprises the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Pectoralis major is the main chest muscle.

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The chest is one of the biggest muscles in our body. It comprises the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Pectoralis major is the main chest muscle. Its main function is to pull our arms towards the middle of our body like in a chest fly. It is originated from the collar bone (upper portion), breast bone (middle portion), and ribs (lower portion). That’s why we do incline, horizontal, and decline chest presses to focus on the respective portion of the chest.

Pectoralis minor muscle is a thin, triangular muscle that attaches from our ribs to the shoulder joint. Its main function is to assist in shoulder movements like doing dumbbell pullovers.

Pushup basically works not only on your chest muscle but also engages front deltoids and triceps also. Also, if performed with proper form your rotator, trapezius, serratus anterior, and abdominals all contract to keep your shoulders, core, and hips stable as you perform pushups. Pushup, with proper training, make your whole body stronger because it engages all the major muscles of the body.

How to do a proper Pushup.

Mistakes we do while doing pushups.

Alignment of the neck with your spine

You have to maintain a position, which will be like, if someone put a straight rod on your back, it should touch at three points one at the head, one at back, and last at the hip. Eyes should be pointed towards the floor, the chin should be tucked in and your head should point a the opposite wall. There should be a neutral alignment of your spine. If you can see your tummy or toes you are out of alignment.

Sagging middle portion of the body

Sagging happens to people who are beginners because their core strength is poor. You have to squeeze your butt and hold your core muscles throughout the pushup. This may cause back pain problems in people. So, to prevent this you can work on your core strength along with your pushup by doing planks, Russian twists like dedicated core exercises.

Elbows joint pain

Many people feel pain in their elbow joint after doing pushups. The main reason behind this is locking the elbow joint or hyperextending elbow joint at going away from the floor. This causes stress on the elbow joint. While doing pushups they won’t rest in between reps or doing pushups improperly causes this problem. To prevent this, take proper rest in between sets and learn proper form.

Range of motion

Sometimes to do a greater number of pushups, people to half or partial pushups which ultimately deplete energy and give less benefit. To prevent this one should start with a basic pushup technique and proceed after getting more strength to hard variations.

Variations of pushup

Inclined pushup

All the steps mentioned above will be the same but place your hand on a bench or a wall or a stair in place of the floor. Rest, do the pushup as mentioned above. The spine should be in a neutral position.

Modified Pushup

Bend your knees, cross your legs behind you. This will make pushups easy for a beginner. Rest, follow the above-mentioned steps.

Decline pushup

Place your legs on the box, bench, or stairs. This will make pushups harder because you will feel more weight on the chest. It will be harder to push yourself up against gravity.

Stacked feet pushup

While doing a regular pushup just place one foot over another making a straight line. This will challenge your core and stability.

One-legged decline pushup

It is the same as decline pushup but one leg should be up rather than at rest on the bench. It will challenge your chest as well as your core.

Push up by placing your feet on a swiss ball

It is the same as decline pushup. It will be more challenging as you should have better core strength and stability at the same time.

There are many variations of pushups like you can add weights to the above-mentioned variations and also you can use different hand positions (wide, close, cross, etc.). You can try different paces to perform the pushups.

Safety and precautions

If you have shoulder, wrist, elbow injury, or generally any kind of discomfort, pain in your body you should not do a pushup without consulting a doctor or physical therapist. If you want to protect your wrist, you can use dumbbells or pushup bars to place your hand on. Any discomfort or clicking sound in your joints like shoulder joint or elbow joint you should terminate your pushup.

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